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Blacow & Mowry



Photos from my time in Zanzibar. We traveled by ferry from Dar es Salaam to Stone Town. From Stone Town, we went to Jozani Forest to see the monkeys there.


San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

I rode BART to Montgomery St. got off and boom, parade. My favorite part was the dancing lions!



Some tasty little charms and “charm”ing Polaroids.

I have started making some tiny charms! You can find me on Etsy @NovabeeStudio.

burger cookie2 pizza size


Paper Cutting is a new fascination.

I really love dreaming up new things.mersheep


San Diego

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Here are some pictures Ive taken since I moved to San Diego, California. The first picture is of the full moon in Sorrento Valley. The caterpillar and trolley pictures were taken in Balboa Park. I love it here.

01042015moon IMG_3548 IMG_3571