Month: February 2012

My Eventual Dream Workspace

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Carry on Pinterest

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Key Features of My Dream Workplace:

  • Music space

  • Outdoor access

  • Light, airy feel

  • Wide open working space


  • Photo studio


DIY Aqua polka dot peep toe pumps (say that 5 times fast)

I came up with this idea when I couldn’t find the shoes I am looking for. These are inspired by Minnie Mouse and the complete lack of aqua colored polka dotted heels. What do you think?

Coolest Graffiti Gift!

This post is super exciting because it features an local Arizona artist that really knows how to make his people happy. The artist, that goes by EMPTY, really knows that we love all things Disney so he made this lovely wall art featuring the broomsticks from Fantasia. Thanks EMPTY, we love you!


As seen in the movie Up!

My dog Charley as Dug, the dog from Up! Their personalities are strikingly similar.


Make a Pomander!


I start by pinning a ribbon loop to the styrofoam ball.

I then pull the carnations off of their stem.

Push the carnations into the ball until the ball is covered.


The Disney Era.

We know it began with a mouse in 1928. The Disney empire is stronger than ever. I love almost everything about it. I make crafts themed around it. Disney inspires pretty much everything I do. I am even getting married at the Disney World Resort. What? I hope the magic never stops!